Anusuya and Mom

Anusuya and son, Sky

Anusuya's son, Sanjaya

More About Anusuya

I grew up in a very loving, racially and sexually diverse family full of wild characters and frequent loud gatherings. I am grateful that my parents moved around the country several times, so that I lived in many different types of places during my childhood and I learned from a young age that there are countless ways to live a meaningful and rewarding life.

I have the on-going pleasure of being the mother of two wonderful and wise adult sons who live and work near me here in Portland Oregon.

I love to garden, hike, swim, dance, meditate and do yoga, and create things with my hands – including playing with food, and making all sorts of art projects. I thoroughly enjoy philosophical discussions. I adore animals. I love to laugh.

Personal Challenges

Living through many deeply challenging experiences in my own life, including a near death experience, chronic pain, and the death of one of my children, has taught me how to tap into the unchanging peace and joy at the core of my being – especially during times of upheaval and major life transitions.

Why I Do This Work
I am extremely appreciative for all the help I have received during stressful times in my own life, and I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far without the generosity and wisdom of family, friends, complete strangers, animals, nature, and Spirit. I am doing the work I do because I love being able to give back. And because it is wonderful to witness pain and discomfort transform into wisdom and ease.

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