Altered States Are Normal

Although mainstream culture primarily supports an awareness of consensus reality, all three levels of awareness are in fact influencing you daily, even if you don’t know it. The decisions you make, your relationships, your physical and mental health – are all directly influenced (consciously or unconsciously) by consensus reality, dreamland, and essence awareness.

Altered states are a normal part of being human, and the wisdom and spice from each state of awareness makes up the whole that is uniquely you.

Consciously interacting with your altered states allows you more freedom of expression in the world, gives you greater access to your own power, wisdom, talents, and gifts – and makes it easier and more fun to be YOU.

Marginalizing States of Awareness

Because modern society uses consensus reality as a baseline for what is real, linear thinking tends to override the dreaming and essence aspects of our awareness.

Through out your life you probably received training in how to be conscious of consensus reality (cultivating awareness of your body, of objects, and memorizing facts about science and numbers). You probably did not get as much training in how to be conscious of dreamland (cultivating awareness of symbolic thinking, communing with nature, being fluid with the roles you embody in relationships). It is likely that you received even less training in how to cultivate an experience of essence (who you are without a body, what lies beyond what your senses can observe, how to hang-out comfortably in the unknown, or the great mystery of life).

Marginalizing any one state of reality limits our experience of life.

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