Approaching a difficulty in a creative way can be relieving, fun and a surprisingly efficient way to solve a problem. Creativity allows you to explore intangible worlds and express subtle but deeply meaningful internal experiences that might otherwise escape translation into everyday language and concepts.  If you are feeling uninspired or you’ve tried everything but nothing is working, try playing with a non-linear activity as a way to start thinking outside the box.

When you make time and space for your creativity to arise, and you stay curious about what emerges, then you bridge the gap between the worlds of ordinary and non-ordinary reality – and you will see that each world of awareness informs the other in an ongoing and seamless process of unfolding. The imaginary boundaries between consensus reality and non-consensus realities exist only in our minds.  Spontaneous creative expression contains altered state experiences waiting to ‘trickle up’ and make themselves known in our everyday consensus reality world – by appearing on a page as we write, in a song we are moved to sing, or through body movements while we dance – for example.

Do you feel nervous when it comes to being creative? Don’t worry, I can help you relax and have fun while discovering your own uniquely creative process.

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