Finding Balance

Our Lives are balanced between spirit and matter. Within this dance of duality, change is constant and inevitable. Yet the very core of our being remains still, peaceful, and completely undivided.

During periods of upheaval, transition or growth, life challenges us to deepen and expand our awareness, our compassion, and our sense of humor!

This is not so easy when we feel lost or overwhelmed, angry, afraid, hurt, depressed, disappointed, jealous, numb, exhausted, or confused – to mention just a few of the possibilities. At such times, transformation and healing are not far away, because every difficulty contains its own resolution. Really. With the right tools, relationship problems, body symptoms, doubts, and dreams all become road maps leading us back to our center and directly into a powerfully richer and more fulfilling life.

In an atmosphere of respect and compassion, my work promotes healing and integration on all levels, helping you live closer to your own inner wisdom. I believe that your unique personality and special way of being in the world is a precious gift – and my work focuses on accessing and utilizing your own authentic insight, intuition, and intelligence to uncover strategies and solutions that are just right for you.

I invite you to embrace the depth and fullness of who you are, and awaken from any dreams of scarcity into a more abundant life. Now is the time. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

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