Fluidity Between States

There are three levels, or types of awareness that exist within us at any given moment.

We can choose to focus on a particular type of awareness in order to access and utilize the unique strengths and insights available to us from each of these very specific levels of consciousness. The three levels are: consensus reality, dreamland, and essence awareness.

Developing fluidity between all these states of awareness is important to our sense of wholeness and well-being, in fact living without access to all types of awareness can cause us to feel depressed.

Three Types of Awareness

Essence Awareness

The deepest state of awareness is the non-dual realm; where we are in touch with a sentient level of consciousness. In this state there is no inner division; we experience a state of oneness with all that is, and it is from this wholeness that all the other states arise. In essence awareness there can be a deep sense of knowing, and a great peace. Many spiritual traditions speak about the essence level of awareness.

Dreamland Awareness

Trickling up from the essence is dreamland; here awareness fluidly shape-shifts or transforms from one thing into another. This is the realm of things that continually change or shape-shift, like emotions and body symptoms, and our thoughts. Creativity resides within this fluid state of awareness, along with our daytime and nighttime dream images and our imagination.

Consensus Reality Awareness

Emerging out of dreamland awareness is consensus reality. Here we focus on the everyday world of form, the things that our culture has consented to call “real” – tangible things that we can touch, see, hear and measure. At this level of awareness things happen for logical reasons. The linear mind rules here in the solid world of time and space.

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