Relationships and Transformation

Life is a dynamic process; just look outside in nature and you will see that transformation, growth, and evolution are happening all around you.  Your relationships are also in the process of constant growth and transformation and the more you can cultivate a trust in this natural growth process the easier it will be to embrace the ebbs and flows in relationships and the easier it will be to build trust and intimacy.

Committed Relationships

Committed relationships require us to keep growing and in the process we learn that intermittent growing pains are a natural part of life.  Once we enter into a committed relationship (with a business partner, a friend, a family member, or a lover) it changes us in many subtle and not so subtle ways – because any deep relationship requires personal growth.

Relationships and Conflict

When we practice working through conflicts and challenging relationship issues, over time we will see that paradoxically, conflicts approached in an atmosphere of compassion and respect actually deepen and enrich our relationships.

Our Greatest Potential

Relationships are a precious and mysterious training ground. They stretch our boundaries as we are compelled to reach beyond our comfort zones in our quest to get along with another human being, to develop sensitivity around human diversity, and even to love unconditionally. Our greatest potential lies in our ability to hold a compassionate attitude toward our self and others simultaneously, especially in the midst of a distressing interaction.

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