What Clients Are Saying

“We’ve made more progress working with Anusuya in the past 18 months than in 25 years of previous traditional individual counseling and couples therapy. She has a special gift.”
CW and AW

“Anusuya seamlessly melds Native American wisdom with modern depth psychology to produce the richest most fruitful “consultative therapy” experiences I have ever had. “
Sherry Chenell MBA, PMHNP, CEO

“Anusuya has the ability to bring out our best. She lives and teaches transformation of pain, conflict, and suffering – into grace and joy. Her teachings embody inner peace, and assist in creating harmony on our planet.”
Satya Ambrose, ND, LAC

“Working with Anusuya, I consistently feel seen and honored on an uncommonly deep level. I feel like I touch down into my inner knowing and find my own answers and insight. She makes it easier to hear my heart and connect with the magic of life.”

“Anusuya is a gentle and kind human being, she is skilled at creating an open and non-judgmental space for me and my partner to soften into each other. She takes us beyond talking, into a heart-opening experience that allows our hidden wounds to come to light and be held gently and compassionately.”
E. and G.

Anusuya StarBear brings a steady willingness to accompany me on my journey through light and dark dreams; together we co-create a delicate balance and clarity. Work becomes play – dancing, laughing, crying – with her open heart I know Anusuya is always on my side.
Walking Deer

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